Team Members

Bart "Captain" Jarmula

The team Wild Rose race captain and main navigator comes with a very impressive race history. In 2005 Bart won the title of North American Rogaine Champion after winning the 24hr orienteering event in Kamloops, B.C. Bart has led team Wild Rose in many top finishing places from a number of weekend events, such as Race the Rockies, Full Moon in June and Raid the North; to top finishes in larger events such as Raid the North Extreme. Bart is also an extremely accomplished solo racer with wins in races such as Mind Over Mountain in 2008 and 2009. The rest of the team is lucky if they can see more than Bart’s back on the race course. Not even the bungee cord can slow his pace.
Profession: Medical Doctor

James "Big Fish" Heilman

James was recruited to team Wild Rose when long time racer Brent Clark retired. James was recruited from team Big Fish and comes with plenty of racing experience having raced in both Primal Quest 2003 and at the ARWC in Newfoundland in 2004. Together with Bart, James provides the team with plenty of valuable medical advice. The team's favourite advice is “suck it up, it won’t kill you”. This is advice that will take you all the way to the finish line. In fact, it is so effective that several of the team members now apply it in their everyday life.
Profession: Medical Doctor

Mike Brown

Not the Olympic swimmer, not the US politician nor the filmmaker Michael Brown, but the adventure racer Michael Brown joined team Wild Rose in 2003 after passing the infamous “Bart” test (a test that is not for the faint hearted involving steep ascents, vertical drops and the odd power bar). Mike raced for team Wild Rose in both RTNX Atikokan, helping the team to a 4th place, and in the 2004 ARWC in Newfoundland, where team Wild Rose and team Necky Kayak joined forces to finish in 24th place. 
Profession: Environmental Engineer

Veronica "VJ" Jarlehag

Veronica started racing with team Wild Rose in 2005 after a move from Ontario to Alberta. On top of the race history with team Wild Rose, she has competed in races such as RTNX Atikokan, Appalachian Extreme (6th), the ARWC in Newfoundland 2004 (24th) and EcoMotion. She has helped all-female teams such as the Adidas Divas and the Adventure Girls to wins in the Salomon Adventure Challenge series. She has also competed solo and won the female category in STORM the Tent in 2004. Veronica frequently takes the advice of the team’s physicians, Bart and James, but still hasn’t figured out why they don’t have anything stronger than ibuprofen in their medical kit. 
Profession: QA Lead


Sean has enjoyed spending time in the outdoors beginning as a young boy on family camping trips to northern Ontario. After graduating from dental school in the 1990's he pursued mountaineering endeavours on every continent while still enjoying mountain biking, hiking and kayaking. In the last six years he has focused on long distance triathlon. He has competed in numerous triathlons including a dozen Ironman distance events. His personal best time of 9hrs and 49min was at Ironman Arizona in November 2009. He is excited to join Wild Rose for the World Championships in Tasmania. As well as preparing for this upcoming adventure race, he is looking forward to the trans alps road bike race in June of 2012.
Profession: Dentist