Saturday, October 29, 2011

What a sight!

This morning started with a light jog followed by a few hill repeats. It was rainy and gray, but not all that cold. I suspect that we will see lots of this type of weather over the next couple of weeks. After some packing and a bite to eat we headed back to Launceston airport to catch the race bus to Burnie and the race Head Quarters. And what a sight!!! An entire airport full of adventure racers. And more to come throughout the day and tomorrow. I had to look pretty hard to even spot airport staff. Many teams had arrived throughout the morning and there were enough racers and gear to fill three full sized busses and three gear trucks. It was really fun to meet and greet many familiar faces and catch up with people I haven't seen in a while. I haven't seen STORM since I moved out west and he was there with team Milton Basements. Liza, Mary, Ryan and Bob amongst others were also waiting to hop on the busses. We had a brief interview with one of the camera men who recognized us from Raid the North Extreme. That was likely our only camera time for this race. Once in Burnie we checked into our hotel and managed to get the sweetest setup. We have two adjoining rooms with our own kitchen and living room space. This will be great for map plotting on Tuesday. Now we are awaiting Bart and Sean to arrive. They should get here soon. I have pretty much kicked my cold and feel great so I'm truly enjoying every minute of this adventure.

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