Monday, October 24, 2011

We have arrived in Tasmania

After a long but trouble free trip, Mike and I arrived in Launceston, Australia late yesterday afternoon. My head cold broke out the night before our departure so I'm feeling a bit under the weather, but I have several days to recover so hopefully this will not affect the race at all.

For any of you who are still about to travel to the race, a few tips that may make it easier to fly into Australia:

-Pack all food (this is anything that you can eat including bars, vitamins, pain killers, candy, drinks etc) in one place at the top of a bag. You will need to show them all your food. They can detect this through their x-ray device.

-Also pack all paddling gear so that you can easily show them the stuff. They will check this to ensure it is clean. Pre clean it with soap and water and complete the form that Craig form XPD sent out and this will be a super easy process.

- Clean your bike tires and bike so they are free of any dirt. They are very likely to have you open the box and show them that you are not bringing in any foreign soil into Australia.

- Clean your tent and tent pegs as well and pack so that you can easily pull it out and show them.

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