Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Team Wild Rose Excited to Announce New Sponsor - Westcomb

The adventure racing world championships in Tasmania likely promises to be a wet one as teams are racing through the world’s largest temperate rainforest, with some of the western most areas receiving up to 100mm of rain on average in the month of November. As a result, Team Wild Rose has been stocking up on appropriate wet weather clothing.  This has proved to be a quite challenging task as what is ultimate for racing is not necessarily ultimate for rain protection. The ultimate gear to fit this criterion would be 100% waterproof, very breathable and very light weight. Hopeless we thought, but that was only until Westcomb showed up on our doorstep with a very promising product: The Specter LT Hoody.

Team Wild Rose is super excited about their new partner Westcomb  and about wearing the Specter LT Hoody eVent, waterproof breathable jackets in Tasmania! A few team members have raced with other eVent products in the past and have had great success staying dry for long periods of time. Look for a full product review after the race.

Thank you Westcomb for your support of Team Wild Rose in the Adventure Racing World Championship 2011!

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