Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Food and bike boxes taken care of

The last couple of days in Launceston, we have been running around picking up supplies and prepping our food. Most of the food that we are used to racing with is available here, but a couple of things are not, such as pre cooked bacon and good crackers. Found a really cool cookie bar that was loaded with 600 calories. Tasted good too!

We also started the work of waterproofing the cardboard bike boxes. What a complete shame that we can't use our own bike boxes. For such a high profile, international event, that has been the one thing so far that I have questioned the most.

My cold is still at high peak and my head is very stuffed up, but on the upside it's just the sinuses. Should have enough time to kick it before race start. Just a bit of a bummer to feel like this leading up to it.

On Saturday afternoon we meet Bart and Sean at the airport and we are all heading to Burnie together.

1 comment:

  1. No pre-cooked bacon?!?!? What kind of bizarre backwards upside-down world have you entered?

    I am impressed however by how fastidious they appear to be about bringing in dirt. Very tidy. I like a country that asks to you to wipe your proverbial shoes before entering.

    It is 5 degrees and foggy in Salmon Arm today, which, in optimistic adventure racer terms, is I believe what you would call "perfect training conditions". Since my training regime for today includes cleaning the gutters and pruning trees, perhaps not so perfect.

    Good luck next week!!!! I'll be following closely. Be sure to push your GPS button every 2 minutes... otherwise I'll assume that you're dead and start redistributing the stuff in Bart's basement. "He would have wanted it this way," I'll say sadly, as I load my car with 10 pairs of skis...