Sunday, August 14, 2011

Would I be healthier if I didn't do this?

So, all this training is supposed to be good for me... or am I taking it too far?...

The training this winter and spring have gone very well. Endurance has improved further, getting more efficient during runs, resting heart rate is decreasing...

Maybe the training is okay for me... but the racing is a different matter.

We finished the race and VJ and I remarked that our bodies were in pretty good shape, better than ever before, after doing a 6-day race. Then it began. Oh the swelling! Ankles disappeared. Lower legs and ankles became HUGE (I wish a took photos) and the post-race banquet became a one-upmanship challenge of "nice, but look at MY ankles!". Skin was stretched to the point that it really felt like it might burst. Shoes didn't fit. I couldn't find my compression tights (left them at home) so I made my own compression socks out of two tensor bandages. Really stylish for our visit to Rossland to hunt down smoothies. The swelling took about a week and a half to finally come down. Most of the swelling is gone, there are still just hints of it lingering. Got home and I was 6 kilos (13 pounds!) heavier than usual.... yes, a week of burning thousands of calories a day while trying to squeeze 100 or 200 calories an hour back in is a sure recipe for gaining 13 pounds?!!! Well, drank lots and lots of water to flush out the swelling (ironic, my body seemed to have much more water than it needed)... the kidneys kicked in and did their magic, but now the magic still wakes me up about 3 times per night. That, and the restlessness that still doesn't let me drop into a deep sleep. It seems like my body is still fighting to keep me awake so that I can keep trekking, biking, paddling.... my gawd, is this permanent!??! Gee, maybe I'm fully evolving to be a full-time non-stop expedition racer.... gee, lucky me.

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