Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Did a bird poop on my head this morning too?

Leading up to BC Bike Race in July we spent a day in Vancouver. As Mike and I were taking a stroll to a shop near our hotel, I felt something wet and sticky land on my head and inside my sunglasses. Not many wet and sticky things fall from the sky so it didn't take many seconds before I realized what it was. Bird poop! Mike declared relatively quickly that it is a sign of luck in many cultures to have a bird poop on you. Not sure if he said that to make me feel better or if there is any truth to it. In any case, we went onto winning our category in the BC Bike Race so perhaps there is something to this bird poop thing.

This morning I had a meeting with my manager and a few other analysts in my group. After we had discussed our pressing Citrix upgrade issues we moved onto more important things, like my upcoming trip to Sweden. Here is how the conversation went:

Manager: How long are you going for?
Me: Just a quick one. 7 working days. I'll be back on the 14th.
Manager:  Why such a short trip when you are flying so far?
Me: Well, all my vacation days plus some unpaid leave are booked for my Tasmania race in November.
Manager: Why don't you take some unpaid days for your trip to Sweden too?
Me: Are you serious?
Manger: Yes.
Me: Really?!
Manger: Yes.

I never noticed a bird crapping on my head this morning so I have to assume that all these awesome things happen for other reasons. One of them includes working under an awesome manager! Thanks for understanding the importance of  life Debi!

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